Why do people major in general studies

Why Do People Major in General Studies?

Many students enter college with an undecided major or change their major during their time in school, so why do people major in general studies?

A general studies major (GSM) is designed for individuals who value a college education but need time to explore and discover their career path. By pursuing a GSM, students can fulfill general education credits, study relevant topics, develop versatile skill sets, and prepare for a wide range of career options.

Key Takeaways:

  • General studies majors provide a flexible and exploratory educational experience.
  • Graduates have diverse career opportunities.
  • Choosing a GSM allows for personalization and customization of the degree.
  • Students develop versatile skills applicable to various fields.
  • Becoming a generalist can serve as a foundation for pursuing advanced degrees.

Advantages of General Studies as a Major

A general studies major is an excellent choice for students who are unsure about their career pathway and want the opportunity to explore their interests. This flexible degree program provides a solid foundation of diverse subjects, including English, math, humanities, sciences, public speaking, and communications. By studying a range of disciplines, students gain an overview of many subjects and develop versatile skills applicable to various career paths.

One of the key advantages of majoring in general studies is the wide range of job prospects available to graduates. With a diverse skillset and a broad knowledge base, GSM can pursue careers in fields such as business, education, healthcare, communications, and more. The versatility opens doors to various industries, allowing graduates to adapt and excel in different work environments.

Reasons to consider a general studies major:

  • Opportunity to explore diverse subjects
  • Develop versatile skills applicable to various career paths
  • Wide range of job prospects

In addition to job opportunities, GSMs also have the option to pursue advanced degree programs in their chosen field. The broad knowledge base acquired through a general major provides a solid foundation for further specialization and academic growth.

Whether it’s pursuing a master’s degree or professional certification, graduates can continue to expand their knowledge and enhance their career prospects.

Skills gained from studying general studies:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Adaptability and flexibility

The future prospects for generalists are promising, with a wide range of career opportunities and the potential for further education. If you are unsure about your career path or want a flexible and versatile educational experience, considering a general studies major could be the perfect choice for you.

Creating Your Own Academic Path with General Studies

One of the key reasons to choose a GSM is the opportunity it provides for personalization and customization. With a general studies degree, students have the flexibility to design their own academic path based on their interests and career goals. This means that you can take courses that truly speak to you and explore various fields of study that align with your passions.

By allowing students to choose electives and concentrations, a GSM empowers individuals to shape their educational experience according to their individual needs. Whether you have a wide range of interests or are unsure about your specific career path, a customized general studies degree can provide the perfect platform for exploration and personal growth.

Personalizing Your Curriculum

  • Take advantage of diverse course offerings: With a GSM, you can select from a wide range of courses that span various disciplines. From literature to science to philosophy, you have the freedom to explore and delve deep into subjects that interest you.
  • Develop a versatile skillset: Students are exposed to a diverse set of subjects, allowing them to develop a versatile skillset that is applicable to many different career paths. You can acquire critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and research skills that are highly valued by employers across industries.
  • Prepare for a range of career options: The personalized nature of the major prepares you for a wide range of career options. By taking courses that align with different industries and job roles, you can build up a well-rounded skillset that can be applied to various professional fields.

Ultimately, the major allows you to take control of your education and shape it in a way that suits your individual interests and goals. It offers the opportunity to explore diverse subjects, develop versatile skills, and prepare for a future that is tailored to your unique aspirations.


As I wrap up this exploration of the benefits of majoring in general studies, it is evident that there are compelling reasons to consider this academic path. For those who are uncertain about their career direction, a general studies major provides the perfect opportunity to explore diverse subjects and discover their interests.

With the freedom to choose electives and concentrations, students can tailor their curriculum to match their individual interests and career goals. This personalization enhances their learning journey and prepares them for their desired career path.

A GSM offers an array of benefits, from the chance to explore different subjects and develop versatile skills to the opportunity to create a unique academic path. Graduates of general studies programs can expect a wealth of career opportunities and also pursue advanced degrees if they choose.

So, if you find yourself uncertain about your career path or seeking a flexible, versatile, and potentially lucrative educational experience, it is well worth considering a major in general studies.