Your Edu Guru Disclosure Page

Youreduguru.com is dedicated to providing a premier platform for learners seeking insights into educational resources, courses, and tools. Our commitment lies in offering genuine, impartial, and comprehensive product evaluations, comparisons, and guides for our audience.

The upkeep and progression of our website come with costs. To sustain and enhance our platform, we have established affiliations with numerous entities in the educational sector, as well as online marketplaces like Amazon.com. These affiliations empower us to delve deeper into reviews, produce quality content, and ensure our readers always have free access to the resources on Youreduguru.com

To uphold our promise of transparency, we wish to share the following details about our affiliate associations:

  1. Affiliate Relationships: AR Foundation has ties with organizations that provide educational tools, courses, and resources. Our collaborations encompass cost-per-click and affiliate fee structures, enabling us to earn commissions via brand and product page references. These commissions are pivotal in supporting our platform. However, these business ties never sway the content, reviews, or guides showcased on our website.
  2. Amazon Services LLC Associates Program: AR Foundation is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Through this program, we earn a commission when our readers purchase from Amazon.com after following a link from our site. Regardless of whether you use our links to visit Amazon.com, our content remains freely accessible.
  3. Commission and Returns: If a reader from your edu guru makes a purchase on Amazon.com or any of our affiliate partners’ sites, we may earn a commission. However, should the reader opt for a return due to dissatisfaction (in line with the seller’s return policy), the commission is revoked. We are not driven to endorse subpar products based on affiliate requests.
  4. Product Features and Reviews: We have never accepted monetary compensation in return for featuring products in our content. While we might receive complimentary products for research, this in no way biases our content or guarantees a positive review for the product or its provider.

To further ensure our content’s integrity:

  • Our reviews are the result of a thorough evaluation process that includes rigorous internal product testing. For a detailed understanding of our review methodology, kindly refer to our Review Process page.
  • Our content creators do not base their evaluations on interactions with company staff from the brands we review. They might, however, liaise with company officials to verify product details or company policies.

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding the content please don’t hesitate to contact us.